Sonolog/Echometer Company

Echometer Company and Keystone Development Corporation have merged technologies to provide the latest advances in well performance data acquisition and analysis.

The good old standby Sonolog Dual Pen Strip Chart Recorder has been replaced by the state of the art Model M acoustic liquid level dual trace recorder, and the Sonolog Gas Gun has been updated with the high sensitivity, low noise and light weight Compact Gas Gun pictured below.

Parts and repairs of Sonolog Equipment may be obtained at the Houston, Texas address below or through Echometer Company which also provides computer based dynamometer, power and pressure transient data acquisition and interpretation through their third generation computerized Well Analyzer system. For more information please use the link at the bottom of this page.

The Model M Acoustic Liquid Level Instrument

Model M Acoustic Liquid Level Instrument

The Model M consists of a microprocessor controlled dual channel amplifier/recorder and a compact wellhead attachment.

The amplifier/recorder simultaneously processes and filters the signal through two channels and records two traces on a paper strip chart. One channel accents collars, and the other channel accents the liquid level.

This new system includes automatic gain setting which optimizes the collar and liquid level signals for the majority of wells so that chart interpretation is virtually foolproof. Software is supplied to use on a field or office computer to calculate bottomhole pressures and maximum production rates.

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